March 23rd-25th - 2018

San Diego, CA, USA

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Our room only has space for 100 attendees, and our staff and team members work with the audience in small groups so you get lots of personal attention.  Tickets at the door will be sold at retail price (if available).  You must pre-register to secure your seat. The prices and any VIP or discount coupons on this page are good only until the first 100 tickets are reserved.

The bonus items are for our new students only and are limited to the first 100 enrollments. They will be removed without notice, so do not procrastinate in calling our local PRISM Authorized Trainers or pressing the RSVP button on this website to reserve your seats. If you have a VIP code, guest pass, or discount code, you will enter that in the "coupon code" area of the checkout page.

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Founder and President, P.R.I.S.M. Life Design and Handwriting Author of the Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy and the best selling book The Magic Question.



Experience The Most Powerful Methods To Break Through Personal Limitations to Unleash Your Most Powerful Version of Yourself...
And Finally Design the Life You Deserve

From the desk of Bart Baggett | Los Angeles, California

What if you could design your life again from the ground up for massive success?

You will realize that after you break through inner limitations and limited beliefs using these exclusive “life design” mental processes you’ll be ready to:

  • Set high goals and achieve them with half of the effort than before.
  • Make more money than you currently feel comfortable making.
  • Be happier in every moment than you ever were before.
  • AND expand your “comfort zone” so you really can live magnetically, attracting success.

You will begin to make decisions differently than before. Let go of fear and embrace confidence in your future.

When you unleash the inner Unstoppable YOU, you can go after your BIGGEST GOALS with certainty and focus. Within days and weeks, you will begin to achieve more with a sense of ease and flow than you could have previously imagined was possible.

Even if you don’t believe it now…life can be easy. Life can be abundant.

We will help you “reprogram” you unconscious mind to ADOPT a new outlook on life. When you change the “frame” of your perceptions, your emotions change instantly.

This is your opportunity to discover the secrets of designing your life with intention and purpose.

Life Design Live

March 2018, San Diego, CA

Personal Transformation and Life Design Workshop

What you’ll experience at this 2-day, hands-on and highly-personal event

Accomplish Your Biggest Business Goals And Dreams

Discover a breakthrough system for attaining any goal faster and with more ease.

Earn More Money And Think Like An Entrepreneur

Learn what most successful entrepreneurs know about earning more money and building wealth... you can model their thinking processes.

Discover Your Unconcious Communication Style

Learn to set goals and motivate yourself based on your thinking and communication style to 3x the effectiveness of attracting what you want in life.

Eliminate Fears And Anxieties Holding You Back

Learn powerful breakthroughs for mastering your internal mental patterns.

Discover How to Stay Motivated 99% of the Time

Once you learn this process, you can say goodbye to overwhelming procrastination.

Transform Your Money Blocks & Double Your Income

The "double your income" meditation will unblock your mind, and you will see the results within weeks.

Feel Unstoppable Confidence

The mental process of feeling confident will be taught so you can experience the feeling on Sunday in a way you have never felt before.

Discover Your Hidden Talents

Bring your handwriting so our experts can help you gain insight into your hidden potential.

Get Red Carpet Photos With Our Celebrity Faculty

Bring your phone and post Facebook photos or take photos to hang on your wall. Hollywood-style red carpet will be set up on Saturday.

And you’ll learn this in a playful, uplifting environment with other ambitious & entergetic individuals who will
support you in your journey.

They Never Taught You Success Secrets In School.


It’s not enough to have the good grades.
It’s not enough to have the a good reputation.
It’s not enough to have read the right books.

What you need is a full "success strategy" that brings together all of the elements of how to attain happines and emotional success.

This is the missing key that stops most people from succeeding in all key areas of your life.

This seminar has given me the knowledge and courage to change the self-deciet trait (in my handwriting and face some tough choices in my own life). I look forward to years to come as a brand new me. Everyone should attend a Bart Baggett live event and get ready for changes in your life.

Avonti Chavez

I realized that handwriting analysis is more deeper than just analyzing someone's handwriting; it's about changing the life of others to a better and more fulfilling direction in life.

Abdulaziz Alsahafi

There was so much kindness from the speakers and the attendees in the room. This event was just exactly what I needed in my life. I'm inspired and feel more confident than ever before. No matter what... get yourself to this live event. My life will never be the same.

Paula Faccio

If you are honest, you know there is a gap between what you are truly capable of and what you are actually accomplishing.

No matter what you have accomplished so far, there is always more.

We can always get better and for some... get that first big "win".

What holds us back from success is our own internal "garbage" -- all the beliefs, self-imposed limitations, fears, scarcity, rules, other's criticisms, and of course those deep emotional reactions…

And then there are bad mental habits like procrastination, perfectionism, anger, comparisons, allowing others to waste your time.

That’s what’s holding us back.

It’s really never a lack of time or money. It’s not your spouse or your family. It’s not your parents or that "tragic event" that happend to you years ago. Nothing OUTSIDE of you can be the true cause of your current mindset.

WE create the roadblocks in the way of earning more, impacting more, or BEING more of who we want to be.

LIfe Design Live is here to help you break through those self-imposed roadblocks. Get crystal clear on what you really want so you can experience more joy, freedom, wealth, happiness, love, and fulfillment in your life.

When was the last time your possibilities gave you goosebumps?!

I am beyond thrilled to bring the new Life Design Live event. This event is a combination of over 30 years of studying, teaching, and my own journey. You will leave with a level of clarity and sense of purpose you never even dreamed was possible.

Bart Baggett

Creator of the PRISM Life Design System

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Tickets for International Visitors: Contact Brianna Fish

Handwriting University International – Los Angeles, CA
+1(310)-684-3489 Ext. 2 M-F 1pm-7pm California time zone.

Stay tuned for daily schedules, online ticket purchases, and early bird bonuses.



Life Design Live: 3 Days of Breaking Through Limitations and Designing a life of meaning and success.


Friday March 23-Sunday March 25th, 2017

  • Registration begins Thursday night at 7pm-8pm and again on Friday morning at 7:30 am, and we will end on Sunday at Noon. You can make a 3pm flight.
  • We have 2 special events planned (including a networking cocktail extravaganza on Saturday night and Sunday morning Yoga). So plan on attending those special events and dress appropriately.


30 minutes north of San Diego, CA, USA


San Diego International Airport


To be announced.


Below are a few of the typical questions we get asked, along with our answers.

  • 1. What if I can’t attend the event in person? Will there be a livestream or recording?

    We will not be providing a livestream or making the videos available later – there’s just no substitute for the transformative power of doing this work together and IN-PERSON with an energetic and focused group of like-minded people.

  • 2. How will attending this event help my life?

    This event is about you getting clear on what is holding you back from accomplishing what you really desire in your business (and life)...

    And providing you with experiential breakthroughs and systems needed for you to make a big leap forward to the next level of finacial success and inner fulfillment.

  • 3. What if I am already overwhelmed with information overload?

    Is Life Design Live going to eliminate it or make it worse?

    An excellent question.

    You may be already overwhelmed by the wealth of free and paid information on the web on how to make your life better or even analyze handwriting. And yet, your life still isn’t where you want it to be.

    Our event is actually designed to help you identify what’s stopping you from the inside, out. This is not a seminar where guests will take 100 pages of notes. We have certification courses for people who love "data"... This is an experience.

    The net result: you’ll move forward in 2017 with greater clarity and tools to accomplish the really big goals that you might have been unable to achieve thus far.

  • 4. Are accommodations included in the package?

    No, but hotels are not expensive as we have negotiated a great rate at the hotel. If are travelling alone, contact our office for a possible roommate situation to help cut costs.

  • 5. When and where is the event?

    Location: About 30 minutes northwest of San Diego, CA

    Dates: March , 2018

    Be sure to reserve your space today because we have a limited amount of space for Life Design Live and news of the event is being delivered to our mailing list of over 50,000 people .

    We expect the event to be sold out weeks in advance, so if you’re thinking about it – please book your spot now.

  • 6. What if I have to cancel my trip?

    If circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to attend the live event, you can receive a credit for the original amount of your ticket purchase toward any future live events or one of our wonderful online training programs. Another option is that you can transfer your ticket to allow a friend or colleague to attend instead of you.

    Because of the massive expense of hosting this event with speakers flying in from the United States, there is not a refund option for tickets.

  • 7. How many people do you expect to attend?

    We’re expecting over 100 people, plus our speakers and staff. Attendees will be from all over India, Singapore, the Middle East, and even the United States -- so you’ll be spending time with a lot of highly-motivated, like-minded business people who are ready to improve their own life and support you.

  • 8. I’m just starting out with personal development and totally new to graphology -- is Life Design Live right for me?

    You actually have an advantage! You’ll be learning proven mental processes and techniques for changing your mindset, beliefs, and removing fears. Since you can't learn graphology in a weekend, we will only teach the critical pieces related to transformation. No graphology experience is required.

    If you apply what you learn at Life Design Live event, your business and life will forever have a powerful shift.

This has been a confirmation of who I've felt I am today. I realize that those people that lash out or put me down have their own issues...I'm no longer allowing other people to affect my happiness. I can stand on my own two feet and live my life my way. This event was extraordinary. Be there.

Kat Hammond

Just Amazing. Everyone should attend this event.

Brian Forrest

Bart Baggett is as good as Tony Robbins or Richard Bandler when it comes to change. In fact, Bart simplifies hard-to-grasp concepts in a way the other teachers or NLP and mind sciences don't do.

Sam Botta

You should know that you're taking absolutely no risk because your investment is backed up by our personal 100% satisfaction guarantee


You should know that you’re taking absolutely no risk because your investment is backed by our personal 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If unexpected circumstances make it impossible for you to join us at Live event:

  • You may receive a credit for your ticket purchase against any of our future live events or one of our wonderful training programs.
  • Another option is that you can transfer your ticket, to allow a friend or colleague to attend in your place.

So any way you look at it – there is zero risk for you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Some of the big ideas of Life Design:

(1) Your beliefs create your reality.
(2) Your internal dialogue is the programming language of your brain. You will learn how to master this inner voice.
(3) Fear is the enemy of progress and happiness. We will show you how to identify and eliminate the 8 major fears most people struggle with.

Your bank accout can only grow as fast as your mindset.

At this event you’ll CREATE and EXPERIENCE incredible shifts within that will allow you to design the life you want.

Be Ready to Get What You Ask For.

One more thing – change can be fun or change can be hard. Come to this event and it will be fun and easy.

You need a catalyst. And we’ve created this event to spark brand new ways to be, think, act, focus, and accomplish your dreams.

Never again will you be stopped by not knowing “how” to create huge success. Never again will you feel like you don’t deserve wealth and not know how to move away from struggle.

Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Future and Design Your Future With Intention?

What you learn and experience at Life Design will show you how to powerfully create a thriving life beyond your current imagination, “from the inside out.”

Your personal confidence will explode beyond self-limiting expectations of the past. You’ll leave as a person who knows in your mind, heart, and body how to create your own present, future, and re-frame your past with a smile.

If you are ready to take control of your business, love-life, health, and career... and step into your power as someone who can create an inspiring vision of a better future...then join us!

To Designing 'The Remarkable LIfe'

Bart Baggett, Founder of P.R.I.S.M. Life Design & Handwriting University International

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